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Designed With You In Mind 

The Rylaxer was originally designed to turn any bed into a couch, but our new smaller versions allow anyone to enjoy the health benefits of our Lumbar Support System ™. The Rylaxer has not only been used by college students in dorms, but also by elementary school systems to increase students’ attention to task and overall comfort. The Rylaxer works well with women in pregnancy classes, people living in small apartments who want to maximize their limited space, and anyone who likes reading in bed to increase focus and back health. To top it all off, the Rylaxer can add seating to living rooms and home theaters, and can even be that cozy seat in front of the fire place. The Rylaxer is the most innovative way to add comfortable and flexible seating anywhere you want.


John, from Maryland said: 

My 4-foot Rylaxer is really comfortable, so I can sit up comfortably in bed when I’m doing work or watching TV. It has really helped to ease my back pain. I recommend one to anyone who can’t stand stacking up pillows anymore.


Erica, from South Carolina said:

Wow! Great product! We recently installed 2 of your 4-foot Rylaxers on a day bed in one of our short-term rental properties. They have changed the use of the room significantly! We keep them side by side at the back of the day bed when it is closed and now our guests can comfortably use their room for reading and relaxing, not just sleeping. When the trundle bed is in use, one of the Rylaxers goes at the head of the bed and allows for comfortable reading. They store on their sides and out of the way. Our guests LOVE them!


Ankit from Syracuse University said:

The Rylaxer allows me to make the most of my cramped dorm space. Simple and efficient, the Rylaxer just makes sense!


Ben from Boston University said:

After my freshman year, I just packed the Rylaxer in my van. It was simple to move and now I have it with me this year. If I had bought a couch, then I would never have been able to move a couch by myself.