Amsterdam, NY −   Inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of students at the Willaim H. Barkley Microsociety Magnet School, the Rylaxer team sponsored a week-long test of their product, culminating in a day of story telling. This was the our first venture into the classroom, where we hoped that our product would provide comfort to students during lessons that took place on the floor.

Throughout the week, students used the Rylaxers in classrooms during group lessons and individual learning exercises called “centers.” In the past, students had no option but to slouch on the floor or lean on their elbows during these times.

What did we find? Not only were students more comfortable, but they also paid more attention to their lessons--a term we learned is in teacher-lingo is called “attention to task.” Teachers noted that since their students were more comfortable during lessons, they remained still and did not have to be reprimanded for misbehaving as much. This let the teachers remain on their lesson plans and allowed all of the students to concentrate for a longer period of time.

Rylaxers were such a hit with students them selves that when one second-grader heard the Rylaxers were only a temporary addition to her classroom, she offered $1,000 to take one home!

We still plan on testing the Rylaxers at more elementary schools across the New York region, but we are confident that the results will be the same. Our Lumbar Support System has proven to be a benefit for users of all ages, providing back health, good posture, and now, longer attention spans.