When Ryan Dickerson first stepped into his freshman year dorm room at Syracuse University, he quickly realized that it was too small to create a comfortable environment to socialize with his new friends. That semester, he tried over and over to rearrange the heavy furniture in his room in order to create enough space for a couch, but was unsuccessful. So, Ryan spent the rest of the semester slouching on his bed with friends. During winter break, he sat down with his mother, an interior designer, and came up with the idea of using a bolster to turn his bed into a couch. In order to save space, he designed the Rylaxer so that it could be stored in a small amount of space while it was not being used. He also designed the product with lumbar support, to keep him sitting up straight and relieve his back pain. When he returned to school, he became the only freshman in his dorm to have a couch in his room. When his friends all asked where they could get one, he decided he needed to share his product with everyone.