Syracuse, NY: Team members of Rylaxer and students from Syracuse University’s College of Visual and Performing Arts, Industrial Design Students, have teamed up to design a new Rylaxer for elementary school use. The new Rylaxer design, aims to eliminate bad posture in the classroom, a result from sitting on the floor without any back support.

The partnership between students in different areas of expertise is a unique experience. Jonathan Hugh, a second year Industrial and Interaction Design student said, “I wanted to seize the experience of working to help solve real world problems that have an impact. While working with the team, I hope to learn more about the professional setting and manufacturing process. I anticipate that this project is both a challenge and a valuable learning experience.”

Ryan Dickerson, founder of Rylaxer, is enthusiastic that “the partnership allows us to design a healthier Rylaxer for our customers, while keeping up with our tradition of working with the Syracuse University community.”

The two groups began working on the new product in December and plan to manufacture the new product sometime in March. The new design is a result of the company’s venture from college furniture, into elementary schools. Since both groups have different requirements to promote healthy posture, Rylaxer decided to create a new product that meets the demands of their new customer base.

“In school, we put in countless hours of work and stay in the warehouse all night to complete projects. And in the end we get a grade,” said Hugh. “With this project, we put in the work, but the result will help kids across the country.”

Brainstorming the new Rylaxer